Rusty Wheeler photo by Colin Johnson AKA Filthy Luka

Rusty Wheeler's Roller Derby Stats

Detroit Derby Girls Statistics:

This site contains roller derby statistics in two formats, "WFTDA" style and "non-WFTDA" or "DDG" style. The WFTDA stats have more data in them, but due to formula errors sometimes the stats totals are wrong. The DDG stats have a little less data, but are generally more accurate and easier to read and print out. Most stats files are in Microsoft Excel ".xls" format to make them more compatible with more spreadsheet programs, although I have had to switch to ".xlsx" recently to avoid too huge file sizes. You could open them in OpenOffice, for example, if you can't afford a copy of Excel.

Stats files names are formatted as:

# = the game number (all DDG games are numbered in sequence)
YYYY = the 4-digit year of the game
MM = the 2-digit month of the game
DD = the 2-digit day of the game
Win# = the Alpha code for the winning team (and its points total)
Lose# = the Alpha code for the losing team (and its points total)

Stats are subdivided each year into "Regular Season" (i.e., games involving the four or five DDG "home" teams), "Travel Team," "MCDL" (Motor City Disassembly Line), "Motown Wreckers," and "Exhibition" (games that are "unofficial" and don't involve any of the other previously listed teams). Regular Season games are classified by the year of that season's Championship game, although some games for a particular season may have been played in a previous calendar year. All other games are categorized in the actual calendar year in which they took place.

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